Headed by Mrs. Rajani Bellubbi – Senior Advocate & Consultant with 28 years of experience of High Courts of Bombay, Bangalore and exposure to Courts at Delhi assisted with other Colleagues and staff.


Ours is an entrepreneur and enthusiastic team of young Lawyers and Attorneys lead by an Experienced senior Lawyer dealt in all kinds of Civil laws. Our Law office operates as one firm; this means that all members participate equally in the firm.


We give advice and practical solutions to our clients. We combine a personal approach with professional standards and aim to provide a comprehensive legal service to not only our individual clients but also would like to extend our services to corporate, financial and commercial clients. The Lawyers in the firm aim to be positive and constructive. A close and effective client lawyer relationship is crucial while dealing with the complex legal matters. We aim to give clear and practical advice and attain a true understanding of the needs of our client, in keeping with the firm’s philosophy that the legal profession has a valuable and constructive role to play in assisting in the economic development of the Country.

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