Profile of the Founder

Headed by Mrs. Rajani Bellubbi [Founder] – Senior Advocate & Consultant with 25 years of experience of High Courts of Bombay, Bangalore and exposure to Courts at Delhi assisted with other Colleagues and staff.

Our Law Firm is based in Bangalore having network of professional connections in the Mega cities in India. Ours is an entrepreneur and enthusiastic team of young Lawyers and Attorneys lead by an Experienced senior Lawyer dealt in all kinds of Civil laws. Our Law office operates as one firm; this means that all members participate equally in the firm. We believe this is the right basis to provide an integrated service to our clients.

An responsible and enthusiastic individual with exceptional research and analytical skill with Leadership qualities. Proven ability in decision making and strategies to be taken in case of dispute or problems considering the legal issue and generally to take steps in the interest of the Client to meet the goal.

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